Ante-natal, post-natal classes:

Julie’s ante-natal yoga classes at Studio E seem like an oasis of calm at the end of a working day. The studio itself is tranquil and airy, exercises and stretches are gentle but stimulating, and there’s lots of friendly and supportive chat from the other expectant mums. Julie’s always full of good advice too.  It’s a great place to meet other women in the neighbourhood.” The post-natal classes with the babies are equally enjoyable  – though less peaceful perhaps! Julie’s got a great way with them.

Josie, Mother of Emily and Natasha

I began post-natal yoga classes with Julie when my son was 4 months old and I noticed differences in my posture and strength almost immediately, particularly in my lower abdominal muscles. I feel as though Julie’s classes have contributed a great deal to the healing process which I have gone through after a difficult birth. The classes have helped me to gain more self confidence and have provided a gateway for me to go on to other exercise as well. I will definitely enrol in post-natal yoga following any future pregnancies.

Katrina, mother of Ollie, 6 months

I always look forward to Julie’s mum & baby yoga class with my daughter, Isabella.  Just  knowing that I’ll get some well needed stretches & meditation in such a friendly, welcoming, and relaxed environment is a much needed treat for any frazzled new mum. Julie is great with all the babies and is happy to pick them up when they start grizzling to make sure mum doesn’t miss out on the class.

Mary-Jo, QP mum

Private classes:

I took private pregnancy and post-natal yoga classes with Julie. Before becoming pregnant I suffered from back and neck aches and I thought they would get worse from the extra weight during pregnancy. Doing yoga twice a week with Julie and occasionally practicing on my own resulted in no back ache or neck aches during my pregnancy. My back was even better than before I was pregnant! I highly recommend Julie’s yoga classes as they really made a difference to me and my pregnancy. I think I had a better pregnancy as a result of her classes, both mentally and physically.


Couples workshops:

It made my mix of emotions (fear with some excitement) shift to excitement with a little apprehension! Wonderfully presented, coherent, easy to follow. It was so nice to have something to balance out the medicalisation of birth and interventions. Confidence building and very moving.

Kate Richardson

Just wanted to say thank you for the classes, which for us were the perfect mixture of information, good sound advice, common sense and good humour about the whole thing. I think we both feel well-equipped and increasingly confident to pursue our hopes of having a home birth, but also much better armed to tackle the possibility of going into hospital if need be.

Sue and Chris

I thought the course was excellent. Julie is extremely well informed and personable. I feel far happier, not only in myself, but knowing my partner will be aware of what is happening and the options available and be my mouthpiece throughout labour. I especially think doing this course pre-NHS ante-natal is a good idea so we know what questions we want to ask!  Now I feel I have the knowledge and confidence to decide for myself.

Vanessa Wilson

My husband and I felt Julie’s classes were excellent and have given us a well needed boost of confidence in preparation for the impending birth and what awaits us afterwards.  Our only experience of birth preparation was through the hospital ante- natal classes which didn’t instil us with a great deal of confidence.

Julie’s birth preparation classes were highly informative and well structured.  She gave a balanced view of the topics and brought in a great deal of real life experience.  They were also a lot of fun! We would highly recommend Julie to any other would be parents.

Dawn Ewing – (referred by NCT when they were fully booked)

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