Active Birth: Birth Preparation

The course includes: · the normal physiology of labour and birth – breathing & movement for labour and  supported birth  positions –  massage for labour –  pain and pain relief – from endorphins to epidurals · waterbirth and other resourcescomplications – how to avoid & deal with them

The emphasis of this workshop is on normal labour and how to encourage and support this wonderful process. This workshop aims to empower you and your partner to decide and negotiate what you want during labour.  A well informed, open minded approach to childbirth has an enormously positive effect on the outcome, whether you are considering an epidural in hospital or intending to use a waterpool at home.

We look at the normal physiology of birth and find ways to assist this intelligent and evolved process.  Particular emphasis is given to birth partners so that they can feel confident in their role at the birth.

These workshops are usually held on weekends but can be arranged at other times.

The course is available for groups and also for couples or for a mother and her support person.

The course fee is £380  (for mother &  partner / support), deposit  is £90.(non-refundable).

The course can also be tailored as a much shorter Refresher course for second or subsequent births, at an hourly rate. The number of hours will vary depending on what each couple requires.


Photography Sarah Stirk

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